Report date : Impure Wilhelmina + Boucan

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Impure Wilhelmina marked with Antidote, their last album on Season Of Mist, the definitive affirmation of their singularity. The band’s identity remains unique, recognizable and complex, successfully marking the link between post hardcore, metal and indie rock cultures. Beyond celebrating its 25th anniversary, the Geneva-based band marks with this album a nice step forward in its discography and definitely enters the closed group of projects with its own musical identity, inspired and innovative.

thursday 02 june 202221h00
Le Péri
8/10 €


IMPURE WILHELMINA has experienced many line-up changes over the yearsaround Michael Schindl, singer-guitarist, main composer and lyricist. Founded in1996, the group quickly built a reputation in the local, then Swiss and Europeanindependent scenes.IMPURE WILHELMINA has regularly collaborated with sound engineers andproducers Serge Morattel (I Can’t Believe I Was Born In July – 2001, L’Amour, LaMort, […]

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Between backhoe interventions and jackhammer blows, Boucan’s music is as whirring as it is generous. In addition to their noise-rock flights of fancy, the Lyon duo’s evolving rhythms, counterpoints and mood swings will make us want to shake our booty or whatever we want without restraint.

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