Coup de cœur Jazz Migration

As part of the Jazz Migration scheme, Le Périscope welcomes the group FANTôME, a favourite of the 2021 selection of our network AJC.

Building their nest of improvisations on sinuous branches of repetition. That’s the specialty of the FANTôME quartet composed of Morgane Carnet (Saxophones/Clarinette), Jean-Brice Godet (Clarinets/K7), Luca Ventimiglia (Prepared Vibraphone) and Alexandre du Closel (Prepared Piano/Keyboard).

Ce concert est organisé dans le cadre du projet Footprints, co-financé par le programme Europe créative de l’Union européenne
tuesday 15 june 202120h00
Grande Scène


FANTôME’s project is clear: to play repetitive music in the footsteps of Terry Riley or Steve Reich, adding sounds, timbres and forms from improvised music and free jazz. The loops, shifts and repetition-variations combine with work on sound and a certain expressiveness. The music becomes matter in perpetual movement. The few beginnings of dialogue are […]

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