Concerto pour Sokou

Concerto pour Sokou, the new creation of violinist Clément Janinet, aims to put this age-old question to rest and to highlight the Sokou, the traditional West African violin, often misunderstood, threatened with extinction and yet a thousand years old…

In this project, the sounds of Peuhl music and Western improvised music intermingle, seeking common paths, through a counterpoint between the oral and the written.

For this project, Clément Janinet has called upon the Malian violinist Adama Sidibé, the chamber music quartet will be composed of Clément Petit on cello, Hugues Mayot on clarinets, Joachim Florent on double bass and Clément Janinet on violin.

friday 27 january 202321h00
Le Péri
10/12 €