Release Party

On Friday, April 19, we’ll be celebrating the release of IZAR, the new BUCK album!

This new album absorbs all the musical currents that have always inspired the crew’s musicians: performance, long and short improvisations, repetitive patterns, rock, new musical currents from French and English jazz, Bebop, tropical influences and polyrhythm, not forgetting hip-hop.
Let’s dance!

With Yann Paulet on bar & alto sax, Thomas Pierre on drums, Simon Girard on trombone, Nicolas Mondon on guitar, Nans Paulet on tuba and Léo Ouillon on tenor sax.

friday 19 april 202421h00
Grande Scène


In Buck‘s work, radical simplicity and wildness show the way, better than any GPS. than any GPS. A panoramic and transversal music, always afro centered, which shows its charm and its singularity of the economy of means. A drum kit, two saxophones, a trombone, a tuba and a guitar : nothing more ! The whole […]

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