Unipop: The teenager comes from the future

Wednesday 16 march 2022
Les Ateliers
doors openning 18h30

“Let us not misunderstand. Adolescence does not exist… It does not exist without taking into account, in consideration, the society that invented it. Because it is, above all, a social creation of our western society. Its tumults and juvenile heckles reveal the most unspeakable bases of it and what carries the name of “adolescence” has then for her, irremediably, something subversive and dangerous. Why? The adolescent is a “being that comes from the future” (the Latin etymology of the word “future”, teaches us that it comes from the future participle of the verb to be). His strangeness comes from an otherness of the future, from the reality of a dark and disturbing future, like the innumerable works of post-apocalyptic science fiction produced today. The marginal adolescence – which it is not always and, in fact, not quite itself – is all the more disturbing and subversive in times of crisis. Between “adolescent crisis” and “health crisis,” let us offer the possibility of hearing a word that calls us to open a new world.”

Speaker : Matthieu Garot