Schvédranne meets Agneta Falk

Readings + Concert

Monday 13 march 2023
Le Péri
doors openning 18h30
Gratuit sur réservation

In the opening stanzas of his collection “Poetry Art of Insurrection” Ferlinghetti, a leading figure in poetry, describes the path: “Decide whether your poem is a question or a statement, a meditation or an outcry.
Reinvent America and the world. Climb the Statue of Liberty. Instead of escaping from reality, dive into the flesh of the world. If you call yourself a poet, sing it instead of affirming it.”

It is on this path that Agneta Falk and Antoine Colonna met. Today they propose to go on stage together. The poetess from San Francisco will declaim poems from an anthology of 21st century American protest poetry while Antoine Colonna will mix music and poetry with his project Schvedranne, without musical or stylistic barriers. He will accompany Agneta Falk on electric guitar, accompanied by some electronic machines.