Poetry, Exile & Resistance

Parole Ambulante Festival

Sunday 06 november 2022
Le Péri
doors openning 16h30

“Give me fire so that I can burn my filth – I am a carrion that stinks up your air – Until you hate your slender bodies – Scented with the floral essences of Paris – I inspire you with hatred for the human race – My disarticulated fellow human beings – Those who have suffered the horrors of wars.
The Sudanese poets Hassan Yassine and Moneim Rahama will exchange their texts with those of Hélène Lépine, Serge Pey, Gérard Noiret. The musicians Mélissa Acchiardi (percussionist) and Cynthia Caubisens (prepared piano) will accompany the evening. All of them will tell in several languages the journey of the inside and the outside, the exile and its resistances, its revolts.