Gros Textes


Sunday 21 may 2023
Le Péri
doors openning 16h30
Free on reservation

You will have seen the sea and eaten pistachios. Or you’ll have stayed snug under the duvet. Either way, at 5pm on 21 May 2023, the last aperitif of the Ascension weekend, you’ll be craving for Gros Textes.

Gros Textes is the immense “small publisher”, for more than 30 years, of a poetry “heir to a literary furrow left by the works of Brautigan, Bukowski or Lanselme”. The preferred tone would like to be that of lightness, the poetry of everyday life or texts written for the voice.
It is this poetry that some of its authors will give you the opportunity to hear, starting with Yves Artufel, the master of this publishing adventure and a poet who is too little known. With Pauline Catherinot, Juliette Cortese, Jean-Baptiste Happe, Judith Lesur and Frédérick Houdaer + guests, as they say.
Come along. Hear. Enjoy.