Wendy Martinez


Wendy Martinez, one of the voices of the girl-group Gloria (Howlin’ Banana), revisits 60’s, 70’s and 80’s pop and rock, this time to sing, in French, about cosmic love, the world in the fourth millennium, le Grand Soir, resilience, or the religion of screens, in deep voice. After the first Grand Confinement, she released her first six-track EP, in France (Belka / Le Pop Club Records) and in England (Outré). Today, Wendy Martinez takes the stage to promote her debut album, “Rivages du Monde Flottant”: nine visceral songs, ranging from 60s soul and 70s chanson engagée to more modern pop. Violins, oboe, bassoon and horn have joined the arrangements, just as Wendy dreamed of in her pre-productions.