Undae Tropic

A free-form live show to escape and summon festive divinities.
Polyrhythms intrude and hybrids take flight.
Look how happy people look!

In search of a free-form escape, Undae Tropic make their live shows a conquest of hearts and dancefloors. An alliance between experimental music, polyrhythmic trance and techno-pop sound in search of new dimensions, where the question of boundaries no longer arises and where the hybrid sublimates.

Undae launches its first live shows on Lyon’s underground scene in 2019, followed by tours with musician-artists Taranta Lanera, Anomalie Magnétique and Dezeffe. His first EP, Extra Flores, will be released in June 2020 on the Manufacture Errata micro-label. This will also be the occasion for a live concert captured by filmmaker Sarah Balounaïck, using this raw material to make the video clip for the track Extra Flores.