Tatiana Paris

Born into a nomadic childhood, Tatiana Paris plays guitar and bass, composing, improvising and performing music that speaks to the heart, the rhythm and the spectrum with intensity and appetite. 

Her late career, punctuated by institutional experiences, has seen her encounter and experiment with a wide range of aesthetics: improvised music, Argentine tango, pop, jazz, African music… 

This richness has given rise to a raw, poetic style, as heard in GIBBON, her solo of prepared guitars, objects and cassettes, released on Carton Records in December 2022. 

His recent collaborations have included The Bridge, Seb Martel Saturn 63, Christine Salem, This is the kit , Surnatural Orchestra, Eve Risser’s Red Desert Orchestra, Thomas de Pourquery, Théo Ceccaldi, Simone, La Belle Autre, Sandra Nkaké, Winston Mc Anuff & Fixi, Africolor (Mousso Academy trainer), Emmanuel Eggermont, Samir dans la poussière by Mohamed Ouzine (film music).


Tatiana Paris (Guitar prepared)
Tape recorder