Sur Écoute

Sur Écoute is the meeting of 4 confirmed musicians of the French jazz scene, gathered around the compositions of compositions of Gregory Sallet (saxophonist, composer: MB4, Giaccomo, Leo Geller Group…etc) and pianist Matthieu Roffé (Chamber Metropolitan Trio, Matteo Pastorino 4tet…).

Michel Molines on double bass and Kevin Luccheti on drums (CNSM of Paris, Trio Enchant(i)er…) bring creativity and groove to the group which works on a reactive and dynamic music. Their compositions borrow from jazz, 20th century music (Ravel, Messiaen…) and contemporary music. After a first album released in 2019 and a multidisciplinary creation “Musashi, Quête d’un samouraï” in 2020/21, Sur Écoute quartet presents a new repertoire of original compositions!


Grégory Sallet (saxophones)

Michel Molines (double bass)

Kevin Lucchetti (drums)

Matthieu Roffé (piano)