Saint Etienne

organic intelligence

Under his pseudonym Somaticae, Amédée De Murcia explores rhythmic excursions filled with breaks and caught in a quivering bath of saturation and feedback. Author of numerous recordings flirting with adventurous techno and a resolutely noisy approach, Somaticae generally plays in the middle of people for sets with percussive, even abrasive constructions.

Among the many festivals and venues where Amédée De Murcia has played are UH Fest, Villette Sonique, Vision, Sonic Protest, Gaité Lyrique, Instants Chavirés, Ateliers Claus, Grrrnd Zero and Cave 12. Somaticae is also involved in a Bass Music duo with C_C (OD Bongo chosen in 2019 in the SHAPE platform), an exotic pop duo (Balladur) as well as a technoide and electronica duo with Claire Gapenne from Terrine called Jazzoux.