Sofa’s K7 Club

Sofa’s K7 Club is a bow to the music of the Arab world published on K7 – and to all those sad vocalists and frenzied keyboardists that the advent of digital technology condemned, for many of them, to oblivion and obsolescence. Proto raï, electro chaoui, funky staïfi, disco synth, dance… From the end of the 70s to the 90s, an avalanche of productions, all as modern as they were original, was born and circulated en masse on the most depreciated of media.

As an anthropologist, independent researcher and record dealer, Simon Debarbieux’s projects and research underline his genuine curiosity for popular and/or alternative cultural expression. From the musical countercultures of the 1970s to immigrant music, via traditional cultural expressions, his interests take different forms – research projects, production and hosting of radio programmes, compilations and reissues, curating exhibitions and publications – but all reflect a desire to document and promote the themes raised.