sekou kouyate trio

A native of Guinea and known as the master of the Kora which he makes resound in a modern way, Sékou Kouyaté expresses his art through this traditional instrument. At the age of twelve, he adapted his kora by electrifying it and experimented with fast riffs and distortions, inspired by funk and jazz.

It is on stage that the first meeting of this trio takes place, bringing together Sékou Kouyaté, virtuoso of the Kora and two members of the group Supergombo : Etienne Kermac (bass) and Wendlavim Zabsonré (drums). Offering a creation of the moment, spontaneous and vibrant, imprinted with the Mandingo sounds of the Kora and all the influences of these three heteroclite musicians with rich paths of encounters.

Sékou Kouyaté (kora,voix)
Etienne Kermac (basse)
Wendlavim Zabsonré (batterie)