Salgar & Eraslan Duo

Merve Salgar and Anil Eraslan are two musicians of Turkish origin who share their lives between Strasbourg, Berlin and Istanbul. Their musical practices are on the borderline between traditional and improvised music. Merve works as much on new forms of compositions for ancient instruments (notably with SAVT or his duo with Zoe Hesselton) as with a more classical repertoire (Orpheus, Waed Bouhassoun Ensemble). As for Anil, his career as a cellist leads him from Anatolian music to free music (Fred Frith / Tom Malmender) which flirts with the contemporary. He is currently working on a documentary about the improv scene in Istanbul.
Their duo album ‘Velvele’ was released on cassette at the beginning of February 2023 by the label Wabi-Sabi Tapes.


Merve Salgar (Tanbur)

Anil Eraslan (Cello)