Saddam Webcam

Saddam Webcam is a trio made up of Alex (Tombouctou, Lésion Etrange) Jo (Burne, Neige Morte) and Jessica (Pili Coït, Le Grand Sbam, EZ3kiel).

A trinity of fine triggers with the build of a gently moody cyclops, whose autopsy will reveal traces of pure lyrical emphasis beneath the steaming crumbs of flonflons pulverised by a ferocious groove. With Saddam, it takes three to smash the tables of sobriety.

The Saddam Webcam epic inaugurates the golden age of instrumental domotics, when two enlightened zouaves decide to throw themselves into the race for the shallot, using an instrumentarium inversely proportional to their musical intentions. We’re talking about a jabbering bass caught on the tail of a swaggering drum kit that gets beaten up more often than not. It was a time of virile brawls over eruptive tracks left unattended, of cunning winks between two corridors of shots strung together at three thousand miles an hour, of saturated sound spaces and live vertigo under the control of stunned expert committees.