Romano Bianchi


“I have based my life and my art on doubt, and I believe I was wrong”. Romano Bianchi, 2023.
After ‘Fringale’, a debut solo effort that attracted a great deal of attention in 2022, Romano Bianchi is
back with a more modern and personal work with a no less cryptic title: ‘Le Don et la Disgrâce’. A Le
Pop Club/ Stone Pixels co-production.

Romano Bianchi’s penchant for exposing his problems and foibles in his lyrics and commenting on
them with a certain amount of humour is well known; we can now say that he has become an expert
in this exercise. His pen has asserted itself and, carried by potential hits such as Bonjour Madame or
Noyau Dur, his latest record has gained in maturity and cynicism what it has lost in opacity.

Romano Bianchi has played at the Montreux Jazz Festival, the Voix de Fête and Freydefond festivals,
and is now performing live on drums and vocals, which is rare enough to be highlighted. No doubt
about it, Romano Bianchi is the new spokesman of an elegant, new and uncomplicated pop sung in
the fraternal language of Molière.