Ramdam Fatal

Ramdam Fatal is a hellish ceremony celebrating the meeting of four musicians from the company L’Excentrale and the trio Ultra Zook. Ramdam Fatal is a brutal deconfinement of the music of Auvergne, from the glowing belly of a new chimera. Ramdam Fatal is a string of borborygms produced by a seven-headed hydra composed of brass, violins, voice, bass and keyboard. Ramdam Fatal is a half-electric, vociferous, epileptic ballroom orchestra that tells tales of carnivalesque possession, collective madness and the dishevelled rhythms of sleepless nights on the dance floor. Ramdam Fatal is a noisy incantation, addressed to the spirits of the dance.


François Arbon (bass saxophone, bass trombone)

Clémence Cognet (violin, trombone, voice) 

Benjamin Bardiaux (keyboards, sampler, vocals)

Emmanuel Siachoua (bass, vocals)

Félix Gibert (trombone) 

Romain Maurel (violin, vocals) 

Rémi Faraut (drums, vocals)