pAn-G explores various sound continents. Aloïs Benoit composes luminous music, drawing inspiration from universes as varied as Deerhoof’s indie rock, the fervour of Charlie Haden’s Liberation Music Orchestra, the madness of Franck Zappa or the festive energy of Guadeloupean carnival groups, while keeping one foot in the contemporary music of Steve Reich or Gérard Grisey. Each piece unfolds over long tracks exploring different forms of trance, taking the listener into an almost hypnotic state and into extreme emotions ranging from contemplation to jubilation. The team of ten stirring musicians has not changed since the creation of pAn-G in 2012. The powerful electric rhythm and the five unbridled blowers have developed new affinities after four years spent together in this “small, big band”. pAn-G transports you into a telluric musical experience with a strong emotional gravity !

At the head of a shock tent, Aloïs Benoit composes a supple and massive, energetic and finely textured music, which can play sound abstraction as well as rhythmic and melodic figurative…

Franck Bergerot, Jazz Magazine/Jazzman

Aloïs Benoit (euphonium, trombone)
Jean Dousteyssier (clarinettes)
Thibault Florent (guitare)
Rémi Fox (saxophones)
Romain Lay (vibraphone amplifié)
Yannick Lestra (Fender Rhodes)
Thomas Letellier (saxophone ténor)
Gabriel Levasseur (trompette)
Alexandre Perrot (contrebasse)
Ariel Tessier (Batterie)