When goes "boom".

Seven albums to its credit, 450 concerts on 4 continents, 39 countries crossed, collaborative multidisciplinary projects with artists from the four corners of the world. So many dialogues and generous exchanges that have never ceased to nourish the work of Ozma’s musicians. Since 2001, Ozma has been taking us on a journey across continents and musical styles, borrowing heavily from the grammars of rock, traditional music and electronic landscapes. Like a desire to hear John Coltrane talking with Rage Against The Machine, Ravi Shankar jamming with Pink Floyd, or Amon Tobin getting together with the New Orleans brass bands…

Stéphane Scharlé (batterie, compositions)
Édouard Séro-Guillaume (basse, claviers)
Tam de Villiers (guitare)
Guillaume Nuss (trombone, fx)
Julien Soro (saxophone, claviers)