Opéra Mort

The duo Opéra Mort was formed in 2009, alongside the trio Reines d’Angleterre with Ghédalia Tazartès. Since then, electronic botanists Èlg and Jo Tanz have been creating improbable transplants, monochromatic fish tanks, two-headed plants, dismembered crooners, divinatory organs and translucent kicks. Improvisation, active listening and the asynchronism of their loops and tangled patterns are the hallmarks of the hypnotic landscapes they unfurl throughout their performances on record or in concert. Although dense, furious and aggressive at the outset, Opéra Mort’s music began to slow down and breathe.
Gradually, filled with spectres, fireflies and ghostly galleries, it reached a form of labyrinthine minimalism that some call “insectoid” or “hallucinatory”. Their work has been released on the Alter (UK), B.A.A.D.M (BE), Tanzprocesz (FR) and Bimbo Tower Records (FR) labels. Their next LP, entitled “Le Présent”, will be released by Éditions Gravats in January 2024.


Jo Tanz: vocals, DIY sinths, looper

Èlg: vocals, synths, drum machine, amplified table