Guitar in prose

Mocke is a guitarist who cannot be ignored on the French scene. Once a founding member of the group Holden, he now composes and writes as part of the duo Midget! with musician Claire Vailler.

We have seen him gradually free himself from any framework to settle in a territory that belongs to him alone. On the borderline between experimentation, oblique songs, world music, contemporary music and improvisation, Mocke composes instrumental pieces built around his guitar, as one writes prose poems, with such grace that it is not surprising that his latest album “Parle Grand Canard” (Objet Disque, 2020), was unanimously acclaimed on its release.

Whether he is alone at the helm of his solo records (3 albums since 2014), whether he composes musical creations for France Culture, film soundtracks or appears on stage and on record with other musicians (Delphine Dora, Mohamed Lamouri, Arlt, Chevalrex…), Mocke has a harmonic signature that is recognisable among a thousand. The mark of one of the most singular musicians of the time.

Mocke  (guitar, effects)