Meryll Ampe


Méryll Ampe conceives sound as a medium to be sculpted in real time and improvises from analogue sources (oscillos, filters + drum machine).
All of this is done to relentlessly interrogate a dense and sonorous material that evolves underground and in relief. Creating different layers live and playing with the interweaving of volumes, perspectives and dynamics, Ampe creates sharp and very raw material. Méryll Ampe also likes to skirt the boundaries of sound and dig into its flesh with a permanent interest in roughness and porosity.

In live performance Ampe engages in a powerfully instinctive and radical way, calling upon the listening of the place and the body which serves as a barometer and thus weaves massive sound states, which unfold, cross, mix or decompose for a thunderous result of sound salvos at the same time abstract-noise and rhythmic-saturations.

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