Using a baroque instrument: the bass recorder, Mât is the idea of searching for sounds, by diverting the traditional use of the instrument and playing with very few notes. In an acoustic arrangement, the sound is developed over a long period of time. It is taken to its extremes, until it cracks, or is left barely audible.

In this solo, we play in the interstices of this sound, where “it rubs”, between this “barely audible” and saturation. A succession of materials, sometimes superimposed: the voice, the flute, the harmonics that emerge from it, the sound that expands and retracts, the voice in the flute. It’s an interplay between the micro and the macroscopic, between saturation and silence, between absence and presence. All the while, we play with space, with the body constantly moving back and forth across the room.

Maya Gerrand (Bass recorder)