Marlene Larsen

Lyon, France

Marlene Larsen takes that little anxious voice in our heads and turns it into full soul searching songs. Her 90’s tinged soft rock music feels like the call you give your best friend after an illuminating therapy session. Brutally honest, with a witty sense of humour, she’s chosen to shine a big light on her deepest insecurities… and shows us daunting mountains turning into colorful pebbles. Before you know it, you’re at the beginning of a 2000’s coming of age movie, sitting in the front seat of the car. She winks at you with a fiery smile and drives into the sunset. You have no idea where you’re going… but there’s nowhere else you’d rather be. On stage, she performs alongside her right-hand woman Helene, and together they deliver an intense duet of vocals and electric guitars, proper hit songs, and the truth. Nothing but the truth.