Lilongwe, Malawi

Made in Malawi

Madalitso band are a two man musical army from Malawi. Described as ‘Uplifting and Vibrant’ by the BBC, they get a crowd to their feet and big smiling. Their last album was produced by Bongo Joe records and the band has already performed at Womex 2020, Womad 2019, Roskilde 2018, Sauti Za Busara 2017 and many more.

Intuitive, authentic, and full of ruthless rhythms, Malawian Madalitso Band has taken Europe by storm. Madalitso will make you clap, dance, smile, and rethink everything you thought you knew about African sound and instrumentation. Madalitso is authentic to the core and coming on tour once again after demand from clubs and festivals around the world. The traditional duo from Malawi, who in the last year have been featured on BBC Africa, and performed at such festivals as WOMEX, WOMAD in UK, and Roskilde in Denmark, were first discovered by a local producer busking outside a shopping centre in Lilongwe in 2009. The connection that the musicians gained with each other through living this way for 10 years is evident in the way they burst onto the scene.

 They get a crowd to their feet and big smiling.

Yosefe Kalekeni (Four string guitare, kick drum)
Yobu Malingwa (Babatoni)