Lugal Lanbada

Lugal Lanbada is a polysemically (very) committed platinist : whether within the revolutionary cell تماصلا تاوصلا formed with Sara Lehad or the Groupe de Lecture set in motion with Baptiste Filippi and Loïc Ponceau, on her radio show 6 Millions Ways To Hear on Lyl Radio or her residency on Radio Alhara, the Provençal musician develops an “aurality” of her own, where the recorded gradually comes out of its hounds to finally escape completely.

Following the release in 2023 of a mixtape – Skankfus I, containing her first track, “masco e enmasca” – on the yé,fra! label, she finally gets down to putting together an exalted, dense and unpredictable solo. As the text accompanying the aforementioned release says: “Settle down, get out the lighters or psylos, and prepare to go deep inside, where the fears and potential hidden by former astronauts lodge.”

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