Lyon, France

Between the dance of nerves and cataleptic pills, between Klaus Nomi, Klaus Schulze and Klaus Kinski, LOVATARAXX is above all the accidental alloy of ceremonial synthesizers, serotonimic drum machines and cathode ray television sets. Accompanied on stage by a video-jockey hitting randomly and without much warning, LOVATARAXX offers candy to strangers crossed on the dance floor. One should not trust it too much, because under the voluntarily acidulous layer, there is always a bitter and melancholic aftertaste. The tracks follow one another, the transitions lead us into dreamy outpourings, between steep ascents and descents without recall, but the trio always accompanies its spleens with a sharp rhythmic and a bass with comforting chorus. All this for the greatest happiness of your feet that are already dancing.


Kloe Pattern (keyboards and drum machine)

Almond Blossom (bass)