Loup Uberto

Music of indecisive ways, silent writing, white pictures, noise and songs. Along with Alexis VinéïsLucas Ravinale and Jean-Philippe CurtelinLoup Uberto is also one of Begayer‘s four wise men (saints, brigands, Rosselini characters who make noise), explores the traditional melodies of northern Italy, records intriguing sound documents – Cuban “raw” music, Eastern European travel diaries, Kurdish songs from Syria -, initiates gestures for French “chanson” with Le Saule record label, questions the gaze and its fiction, the rough edges of language, documents exile and wandering through sound testimonies, writings and photographs.

‘Racconto artigiano’, the artisanal tale, is inspired by Walter Benjamin‘s Experience and Poverty, where the author comments on the drying up of popular fables; it is the compendium of numerous attempts on various materials: mobile phones, percussion, short-circuited radio transistors, computer limiters, clarinet, medieval and popular songs from northern Italy, sound collages.

Recorded in the reformed church of Mens-en-Trièves, a village at the foot of the Obiou mountain range and digging towards the eastern slope of the Vercors, this album is the outcome of some three or four years of research, the account of a series of experiments, thus itself a sort of document, a repertoire of sketches delivered as they are, completely raw and made disturbing by their dryness, just as the folk tale – which refrains from speaking – is a view offered on the horizon of silence.


Loup Uberto : mobile phones, tamburelli, short-circuited radio transistors, medieval and folk songs from northern Italy, bagpipes, mouth organ, Vietnamese bombard.