Les Marquises


A nagging drift

To accompany ‘Soleils Noirs’, Jean-Sébastien Nouveau offers an additional track which does not appear on the album, but which is like an extension of it: it is ‘L’ailleurs’, sung this time and whose lyrics, written in French, are a poetic celebration of the original idea, like another invitation to the reverie of exile.

For those who follow the musical adventure of Les Marquises and the work of its master-builder, Jean-Sébastien Nouveau, there’s always a surprise in store. Soleils noirs, the fifth album in a discography that began in 2010, is no exception to the rule, fascinating as much as it surprises. A change of direction for Jean- Sébastien Nouveau: after three inaugural albums on which he surrounded himself with renowned musicians from the indie sphere (Jordan Geiger on Lost, Lost, Lost, Etienne Jaumet or Benoît Burello on Pensée magique, Matt Elliott, Olivier Mellano and Christian Quermalet on A Night Full of Collapses). critically acclaimed fourth album with his long-time sidekick Martin Duru (La Battue, 2020), he has chosen to tighten up the formula even further and set sail on his own, like a quest for intimacy pushed ever intimacy. Soleils noirs is a plunge into his own universe, even though Even so, the Lyon-born musician is accompanied by violinist Agathe Max, already present on A Night full of collapses, who is the only outside contributor to the album. Musically too, this new Les Marquises’ new opus goes off on a tangent, breaking away from the imposed frameworks.


Jean-Sébastien Nouveau (claviers et sampler)

Martin Duru (claviers et sampler)