Villeurbanne, France

Formed by four energetic and creative minds, it is in the corridors of a music school in Villeurbanne that Adrien, Thomas, Léo and Dany meet. They start listening to music, and end up playing together. It is then that a free music emerges, tinted by many influences and a desire not to be locked in a box. The quartet likes the idea of being a mixture and offers itself the possibility of changing at any time of label.

Experimentation remains their favorite playground, and Kitch is back in 2020 with a new sonic odyssey, a second album entitled “Calame” where riffs and melodies intertwine in a universe all their own.

In a new creative impulse, the group ventures little by little into a universe where the intimate takes its place. New Strife Lands, is composed in the wake of Calame with a desire to talk about deeper subjects, touching on anxieties, fulfillment, existence, conflict… In short, all these positive or negative turbulences that build us. An instinctive, visceral album which transports us in games of breaths and feverish nuances, of flights and escapes, until the moment when without understanding it, a real violence rises to go down again in the image of a storm, of a quarrel.

New Strife Lands sets the scene for a new era, a new future from which Kitch offers you a one-way ticket, without return (for now).


Adrien Maillet (Key Lead/Key Bass/Machine)

Thomas Loureido (Drums/Machine)

Leopold Riou (Guitar/Vocals/Bass)

Dany Boutin (Guitar/Vocals/Bass)