Hassan K + Edi Pou

Briefly, Hassan K. is 15 years of international performances (EU, US, Japan, North Africa, Turkey, Indonesia …), concerts in venues, festivals, clubs, galleries, third places … with a D.I.Y approach and always outside social networks, in line with my research subjects in interaction design and sociology of digital media.

Hassan K. is a Franco-Iranian one-man band with ambitious electro, surf, rock, metal and oriental compositions (sample-free, composed with clicks and electric Iranian setar, with love). Above all, it’s a unique, energetic live experience, stirred by an insatiable passion for the stage, and a unique digital lutherie that allows him to be as close as possible to the audience. Unclassifiable, but all terrain and all audience.

He joins forces with Edi Pou, a member of ZA!, Los Sara Fontan, Orquesta del Caballo Ganador, Los Ganglios and Amunike Lehendakari. The Iberian reference in alternative and improvised music.

Edi Pou is a one-man band playing on a drum kit, with a sampler and a microphone. The result is a jumble of minimalist layers at maximum volume. It’s hardcore without guitars, it’s screamo without screaming, it’s orchestral music without an orchestra, it’s IDM without any intelligence, it’s an attempt to confront and sublimate the acceleration of contemporary society, but without talking about it.