Griffure Paratonerre


At the crossroads of chanson, oriental and contemporary influences, “Griffure PARATONNERRE” fixes in time some of the group’s latest compositions. Transformed into a string quintet augmented by an electroacoustic device, they wander between improvisation, writing and texts. The strings add orchestral color, while the electronics explode the space. The material is triturated, reworked, and stretched out on a large canvas to follow the illogical logic of the dream… 


Amaryllis Billet (violin, voice, composition)

Léonore Grollemund (cello, voice, composition)

Undae (electronics, electronic arrangement and composition)

Chloé Jullian (violin, voice)

Alix Gauthier (viola, vocals)

Léa Yèche (double bass, vocals)