Frankie and the Witch Fingers

Known for their incredible live energy, Frankie and the Witch Fingers is a garage-psychedelic band from Los Angeles that sounds a bit like Ty Segall and Jay Reatard… After meeting at first sight in early 2010 in Indiana, the quartet first formed Triptides.

With a style that gravitated somewhere between Temples (Sun Structure period) and Tame Impala (Innerspeaker period), characterized by a skilful blend of lo-fi psychedelic pop, the band soon found its way into the modern neo-psychedelic jungle, with luminous hits and sophisticated influences reminiscent of sixties California.

But after repeated tributes to the Californian hippie movement, 2017 saw them take the plunge for good. The band moved to Los Angeles and recorded “After Glow”, followed the next year by “Visitors”. However, the idea of a side project to Triptides gradually took shape. Strangely named Frankie and The Witch Fingers, it was initially a pretext for abandoning the delicate, refined pop that defined them, in favor of a more garage-rock instinct, whose sustained rhythms and surf-rock elements echo the Oh Sees tornado that was sweeping the West Coast at the same time. A self-titled album followed in 2015, and three opuses later came ZAM (released on Greenway Records).