Nomad and defector, Dowdelin explores a path where Creole jazz, electronic dancefloor and West Indian percussions come together to create a unique Future Kréol feeling. The Black Atlantic… Title of an important work by Paul Gilroy, English sociologist, theorizing the fact “that there is a hybrid culture, which is neither African, nor American, nor Caribbean, nor British, but all of these at once: the Black Atlantic.

A world of cultural exchanges and incessant back and forth, where music is central. A universe of multiple and reciprocal borrowings which, aesthetically, fits perfectly to Dowdelin, a trio from Lyon exploring Afro-futurism in its creolized version, immersing the traditions of the French West Indies in a great bath of electronic rejuvenation warmed up with jazz, as few have done so far.


Olivya Victorin (Voice)

David Kiledjian (Keyboard, Sax, Sampler, Choir)

Raphaël Philibert (Percussions, Sax, Choir)

Grégory Boudras (Drums, Choir)