DJ Tarba

The man with a plan

DJ Tarba has been exploring the “sound system” culture for about ten years. He starts by organizing parties in the bars of Brest in 2010, then moves to Lyon in 2015, where he meets the protagonists of the underground scene of the slopes of then. It is under the banner BFDM, label of Judaah his partner for the next few years, that he will have the opportunity to play these sets in some European cities. They will have their first bi-monthly show “Rhum Session” on LYL radio for two years. Following the departure of his colleague for Marseille, Tarbz inaugurates his personal show which will become a label : Strike A Posse. The show is a catch-all, grime, dark ambient, jungle, dubstep, indus… In this impulse, he proposes to these close relations to diffuse their productions either in the form of digital EP, sold on bandcamp, or in the form of “dubplate”, tested directly in the sets, without goal of wider public diffusion.

We recognize his efficiency to a laser selection, a spontaneous technique (ironically called “f*ck off technique!) and an intense need to share these emotions…