Dark Radish


Two's company, three is a storm.

The Dark Radish project plays music written by Manuel Adnot and Joachim Florent which confronts the thought of improvisation with that of writing.

In a context inspired as much by African music (Touareg – Joachim Florent) as by extreme music (7 Colossus – Manuel Adnot) with its unison 8-string guitar-double bass reminiscent of Meshuggah’s music, the improvised music finds its place in the circulation of language within the trio. The double bass and the 8-string guitar can cross their roles (Shanks – Manuel Adnot) and accompany each other in the lower part of the spectrum, while moving away from it by playing the bow or using the violing technique which consists of the guitar erasing the attack of the note by means of the volume mic to extract a wide sound reminiscent of a sound sheet. The composition White Lily (Joachim Florent) is reminiscent of the American jazz music of guitarist Bill Frisell, both lyrical and jazz with the use of brooms on drums in the manner of Paul Motian. Eikan Do (Manuel Adnot) is inspired both by the temple of the same name in Kyoto and by a pop time using repetitive patterns created live on the guitar. Just as Steve Reich in Babylon (Joachim Florent) confronts a clave system with Steve Reich’s repetitive music thinking.

This use of language is exploited in a different context for each composition, with the common thread being that the improvising trio can thus speak any language, circulate within it and express themselves freely.

Yann Joussein (batterie)
Joachim Florent (contrebasse)
Manuel Adnot (guitare 8 cordes)
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