France, Lyon

se mettre au vert

Author-composer-performer, Clorophyl offers a generous and dreamlike folk space. Inspired by musical confluences reminiscent of Joni Mitchell, Feist, This is the Kit, she offers a warm, textured sound on which her frank voice rests.

Instantly, one is enveloped by her ambitious melodies: Clorophyl’s voice unfolds and coils in the depths of each one. It is in French that she writes, that she tames sadness and transforms it into tenderness.
On stage, she reveals herself in the floating layers of her electric guitar. Face to face with the audience, she invites the audience to pause: to feel is the key word in an intimate show where space and time lose their grip, where we multiply the present to explore all the senses.


Chloé Sermemorin (auteure-compositrice-interprète)