Citron Sucré

France, Lyon

Citron Sucré is an artist as sweet as acid, as “sour” as “sweet”, about whom we will soon hear a lot, no doubt. Franco-Russian singer and musician, she mixes psychedelic electronic pop with traditional sounds drawn from her Siberian roots, among others. Depending on whether she sings in French or in the Siberian dialect – the Yakoute – as on ‘Montgolfière’, Citron Sucré gives us a voice that is sometimes sweet and crystalline à la Grand Blanc or Vendredi sur Mer, sometimes powerful and fragile à la Lisa Gerrard. Her eastern vocals on ‘Kesh’ are as many cries from the heart, not without reminding us of Gladiator’s diva, but less classical, as they both use the registers of the voice as an instrument in its own right.