Bitchin Bajas

Bajascillators arrives almost five years since their last official full-length, 2017’s Bajas Fresh. In the eight years prior, from 2010 to Fresh, Bitchin Bajas issued seven albums, plus cassettes, EPs, singles . . . wave after wave of analogue synth tones and zones extending into a stratospheric arc. Each release its own headspace, shape and timbre, each one sliding naturally into their implacable, eternal gene pool. Following the flow, always, the Bajas went ever-deeper-and-higher on these records, whether making soundtracks or collaborating with Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, using only fortune cookie fortunes as a libretto. Plus engagement, with a steady stream of shows and tours around the world; live re-airings and expansions of the space captured in their records as they continued to grow and flow — all the way through, really, to the present moment. Plus, there have been releases since 2017 — a split 12”, a 7” single, digital track release and two “Cuts” cassettes, plus the all-covers cassette release Switched On Ra. But the overall number of releases, plus the five years between long players, implies a potential distance between phases, a new line in the sand. The sound of Bajascillators bear this out. How couldn’t it? Compared to 2017, this is a different world — and, as has everlutionary been true, in case of new world, new Bajas!