Bastien Lallemant

© Frank Loriou

Bastien Lallemant’s fifth studio album will be released in 2019. For this new record, Bastien has surrounded himself with musician friends, JP Nataf, Seb Martel, Babx and Fabrice Moreau.

Bastien Lallemant was born in 1972. As a child, he studied music (music theory, piano, flute) at the Dijon Conservatory. He started playing the guitar at the age of 14. As a teenager, he took part in various music groups. In 1991, he began studying plastic arts at the National School of Fine Arts in Dijon and obtained his DNSEP in 1998. At the same time, in 1994 he took part in the group “Les joueurs de biques” with which he self-produced three albums and gave some 300 concerts in France. He then wrote his first songs.

In 2002, Bastien signed an artist contract with the label Tôt ou Tard. Two albums followed, “Les premiers instants” (2003) and “Les érotiques” (2005). This second album, produced by Albin de la Simone, and with the participation of Bertrand Belin, seals a great friendship between the three artists, from which many joint projects and shared stages will emerge. It is also the meeting with JP Nataf and Jeanne Cherhal on the occasion of the record “Plutôt tôt, plutôt tard”.