Apollo Noir

With several albums on Tigersushi Records (Joakim’s label), the excellent OOH-sounds and his own Santé Records label, Apollo Noir explores all facets of electronic music on his countless machines. A prolific producer for the likes of Buvette and S Diamah, the artist’s horizons range from dancefloor electro to infinite ambient layers. His encounter with yoga teacher Marjorie Picard inspired a 50-minute musical piece, the starting point of their joint project YPLC, for Yoga Power Love Connection.

More than a yoga class, YPLC is an invitation to all to let go under Marjorie Picard’s instructions and A/N’s vaporous layers, reconstituted live on her machines. A unique soundbath experience, to be enjoyed at least once!

With this new album, Apollo Noir renews its love of ambient music.