Harold Lopez Nussa

Born in Havana, Harold Lopez Nussa is heir to a large family of Cuban musicians. A prodigious pianist, he has won numerous prizes, including the prestigious Jazz Solo Competition at the Montreux Festival in 2005.
Harold Lopez-Nussa has recorded three CDs in three years, the first (Sobre el Atelier) solo in the wake of Montreux, then Canciones, recorded as a quartet in Havana, and one made in France, eloquently titled “Héritage”. He was accompanied on stage at the Martinique Jazz Festival by his father Ruy on drums, Felipe Cabrera on double bass, and a guest on saxophone: David Sanchez.

In his album “Herencia”, Harold Lopez Nussa asserts his style through his own compositions, which really place him in the movement of today’s jazz, combining technical mastery and great sensitivity, while retaining a real “Cubanity”. He has a subtle sound, brilliant ideas and a unique musical style!