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Music careers

Le Périscope open it's doors to every intrested in person which want to discover how is working a venue. We propose meeting with our association employees to make their professions known.
Around thematics workshops and meetings, young people can be more conscious about skills diversities that culturals buisness needs. We speak also about the associative model and the appartenance to social and solidarity economie.
And to have an understandment of the path of those who choose to live of their art, the socio professional environement of musician, the intermittence of the show or organisation of a concert from A to Z are to on the "menu".

Meeting with artists

Beyond school shows, le Périscope propose to schoolkids and highschool students some exchanges times with artists playing during the season. This made to measure meetings take place at schools esthabishements or on concert venue through workshops. The artist is enlighting his approach and creation process.
What is a residency, how do we built a show, when is the balance ? As many questions on which you will not have any more secrets !
Projects that we build can be punctual but most part of the time come within the season. Several actions can be plans : writing workshops, amateurs practices sessions, history of jazz, introduction to listenning, early musical learninig, sound naps...
For any informations, please feel free to contact us. 

The journey of audience

Schools students are welcomed in the concert venue and can benefit of musicians intervention in their class. Shows that we programmed are made with a pedagogical thread, they mix most part of the time music with others artistic disciplines. By the end of the project, an exchange with artists is proposed to the audience.
By means of mediation doing by artists themself, the connection of young people to the show become more concret and playful to. Teachers can contact us to prepare in advance their students to the show.
For every concerts, we accept the Pass' Région

Alice / periscope.mediation@gmail.com