jeudi 19 septembre 2019

ouverture de la billetterie 20h30


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As a showcase for her charming melodies and an emotionally charged songwriting, the singer has chosen to explore the languid and multiple universe of the American R'n'B, which has fascinated her since childhood. Borrowed from jazz, a palette of rich chords blends with sophisticated arrangements with multiple influences: r'n'b from the 70s to today, pop, new soul, hip-hop, French variety...

Her singing, with its graceful curves, allows us to glimpse a generous and flush young woman. The connection with the audience is immediate, without pitfalls and generates intense listening. Fascinating.

After a first intimate, refined and melancholic soul-folk EP (five compositions for one voice and one guitar) released in March 2017, and more than seventy solo dates (including many opening acts: Jurassic 5, Marina Kaye, Gaël Faye, Tété, Blick Bassy...) Ndobo-emma is about to release her second EP, more groovy, solar and sensual, which she played as a preview in French festivals (Aluna festival, Déferlantes, Crest Jazz Vocal...).