Thursday 05 July

O.U.R.S / Ornette Under the Repetitive Skies

Gathered by Clement Janinet at the end of 2016, this quartet is composed of four improving musicians playing together since around ten years within various bands  (Radiation 10, Garden Trio, Hugues Mayot Quartet......)
Clement Janinet compose the music taking inspiration of 60’s free jazz lyrisme  (Ornette Coleman, Pharaoh Sanders...) and from timbral textures and rhythms of repetitive music (Steve Reich, Philip Glass, John Adams...).
The quartet record his debut album « Ornette Under the Repetitives Skies » in June 2017 at Junot studio and invited guitarist Gilles Coronado and violoncelist Mario Boisseau for the occasion.


Clement Janinet (violin, composition)
Matthieu Donarier (tenor saxophone, bass clarinet)
Joachim Florent (double bass)
Emmanuel Scarpa (drums)
Gilles Coronado (guitar)



Saxophonist Geoffroy Gesser and pianist Romain Clerc-Renaud open up the doors of BRIBES duo to singer Isabel Sorlin and drummer Yann Joussein. BRIBES 4 music is a colored, rebellious and sometimes aerial short pieces epic. The four musicians confront or tangle their sounds to reach unexpected, mystical or eccentric situation. Sing or spoken words are suggesting a landscape of veiled perceptions in which is sneaking with delicacy a wise folly.


Geoffroy Gesser (tenor saxophone)
Romain Clerc-Renaud (piano, keyboards)
Isabel Sörling (voice)
Yann Joussein (drums, electronic)