Troisième Oreille : Nina Garcia & Maria Bertel

mercredi 15 janvier 2020

ouverture du bar 18h00

• Troisième Oreille evenings are a social space-time of listening, meeting, exchange, reflection and experimentation around practices related to sound arts (experimental sound practices, electro-acoustic music, improvisation, installations, lutheries).

Organized every month, in partnership with the Periscope, these evenings are divided into three parts: concert, listening session and forum.



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Improvisation duo formed by Danish trombonist Maria Bertel (Selvhenter, Ymers Pizza) and French guitarist Nina Garcia (Mariachi, mamiedaragon). Two instruments diverted and pushed to their extreme: electricity, wood, copper, metal, scrap metal, breath. Noise and some harmonies, depending on the tension / detention / extension ratio.

Duo created in 2016 for and by the Sonic Protest festival and played at Instants Chavirés, Cave 12 (Geneva), All Ears (Oslo), Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Stilverk 1 (Trondheim), Festival Météo, Oor (Zurich), etc.

"For some time now, the Parisian and peripheral passages of the Danish Maria Bertel have been redrawing the coppery contours of the noise. Widely supported by the Sonic Protest festival, she was discovered among the mastodons Selvhenter, then solo and finally with Mariachi, for the creation of the duo at the 2016 edition of the festival.
Parallel sprint: for some time now, the Parisian guitarist Mariachi (mamiedaragon, Qonicho B...) has been scouring the local and extra-local stages for a refurbishment of the electrical house... including techniques and labour. 
Nervous gestures, thunderous outbursts, responsive improvisation, all of which are the result of an incisive and attacking first... Not to be missed. Really."
(Capsized moments, 2017)

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